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Monday, April 28, 2008

Lacrosse anyone............

Jackson had his first Lacrosse game on Saturday...It was so much fun to watch. Jackson is #1 on his team. He did a great job and is really enjoying learning and playing the game. Ayden and Landon enjoyed the game, the sunshine and eating snacks..(little did we know Landon was sick, he had a fever Friday night but was happy during the day...UGGGG!) We played just above the capital and luckily had a wonderful spring day. His team won the game 5 to O. He made 2 great shots at the goal but neither went in.....there's always next time. Way to go Jackson!!!

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Heather said...

Jackson has always been so athletic .He is good at any sport he decides to play. How are you we need a playdate. Hope Landon is getting better. Love, Heather