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Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to school.....

Jackson and Ayden started school today, can you believe summer is gone already? They were both so excited that they could barely eat their breakfast. Getting them to bed at a decent time last night was a chore but they both got up without any hassle. Ayden meet his teacher Mrs. Prestwitch and took a tour of the school, he is now in 1st grade and will be going all day. So his first "official" day will be tomorrow. He is excited to eat lunch at school but not to sure about being gone all day. Jackson's teach is Mrs. Boswell and she lives on our street and her daughter Melissa is our babysitter so Jackson knows her well. He has many friends in his class, Christian, Jake and Ryan to name a few....he is not so happy to be going back to school but I am sure he will manage. Landon was excited to be going to school but I think when he figures out that he will be home alone all day he will quickly change his mind....he has already asked where Jackson is twice and it's only 10:30 AM. We all look forward to a great school year and learning lots!!!


The Olson Family said...

I nominate Jackson for class president. Ayden for class rebel and Landon for class mascot.
Good luck with school boys!

They are adorable and Aydens hair cracks me up! Rock on!

Lisa said...

So fun! I miss the first day of school! This will be the third time the first day has passed without me since I started kindergarten!!! I love the first day, the new clothes, the jitters, the school supplies, the new faces, everything. Both as a student asnd as a teacher... the first day is special