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Monday, August 18, 2008

What do you mean summer is over...

So all summer long I have promised the boys that we would go to Lagoon and now that school starts in only a week *gasp* I decided to make good. It was a hot day and very crowed, in my head I thought that the crowds would be gone and it would be a breeze...wrong. We start with the Spider (way to scary for Ayden) and moved on to the "kiddy rides" and that is pretty much where we stayed. Cameron, Ginger and Cohen joined us for part of the day and that was so much fun. Landon wouldn't go on ANY rides not even with mommy, he
wanted yes wanted to stay buckled into his stroller and was very content there all day. He exclaimed "it's scary, I 'm scared" when ever he was asked if he wanted to go on a ride, he liked cheering his brothers on and eating snacks. I guess we must have scared him to death when he went on the little roller coaster at Elitch Gardens last month. The crowds subsided at about 8:00 PM, it cooled off and Jackson and Ayden sprinted from ride to ride, hoping right on. They loved the new Odyssey water ride, Dinosaur Egg Drop and Tidal Wave. We skipped most of the big coasters and the boys were just fine with the smaller rides but enjoyed watching others ride the Skyscraper and Catapult. Jackson drained a basket on his first try and won a huge basketball and also played a "ski ball" type game and won a little "Sonic the Hedgehog" doll. Ayden played a toss game and won a green frog and a yellow elephant for Landon. All in all it was a fun day Lagoon!!


Luella said...

Hi Renee, it's your cousin Luella. What fun rides! I miss Lagoon! When we finally make it out to Utah, we'll have to bring our boys.

Heather said...

Hey Lagoon!!! Our kids love it and the fun rides. We especially loved the new odessey ride. Back to school we go. XOXOXXO