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Monday, August 11, 2008

Obsessed with swimming...

Ok, so I knew my boys all were fish and loved the water. Landon could swim for hours and hours without getting tired. Since the Olympics started we have been glued to our TV watching all the swimming events. This morning and last night Landon asked "watch swimming" and cried until it was put on and watched intently until another event came on. We all cheer out loud in our home when the USA SMASHED the arrogant French team in the relay last night and are eagerly waiting to see our favorite, Michael Phelps swim for another gold tonight. Ayden proudly announced last night that he was going to be and Olympic swimmer and asked when I would get him a trainer...seriously he is 6!! What an inspiration the Olympics has been to us and it is only day 4, I can't imagine what the future holds when we have good role models for our children to look up to like Michael Phelps and the rest of the Olympians...GO USA!!

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Monnik said...

This is so funny because my 5 year old told me the same thing about diving. She wants to be a diver in the olympics.

But she's terrified of water. Go figure. :)

I love the Olympics. So much drama! So much excitement! And can they do any better with the personal stories that they do? So great!