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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jackson's 1st football game.....

This is a short video I made for Jackson's team blog, the video is a bit blurry but you can still see some amazing plays....Way to go Bengals!!

Jackson's 1st football game was today vs Bingham. Jackson played awesome, but he got hit a couple of times really hard and came off the field hit was so hard it broke a button on his helmet. As his mom it was very hard to watch and not be able to comfort him but he kept getting up wiping away the tears saying "my team needs me" Ryan and I are so very proud of him. He caught some really great passes and made some amazing tackles. In the end we lost but our team played so well and it was only our 1st game. We look forward to a great season. Way to go Jackson, we are all so proud of you!!


Tiffany said...

Hi...I love your blog! I just love the way you capture so many everyday moments and all the cute stuff you do as a family. Have fun with football this season!

Heather said...

Go Jackson!!!! You are quite the athlete!!!