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Saturday, August 2, 2008

The wait is over...Breaking Dawn!!

The wait is over, my book club (friends) had a "girls night out" last night to celebrate the release of Breaking Dawn and we had so much fun! We started the night out at Asian Star and then headed to Barnes & Noble to get our wristband where we stumbled across Jacob *Grrrr* we are all Edward fan's but he was no where to be found *Sigh* We enjoyed lots of fun stories *thanks Liz* and yummy Red Mango. At midnight the line moved and we cheered and by 12:40 AM we had our prize in hand Breaking Dawn!! We had such a fun night and can't wait to finish the love story, but a little hesitant since while drive home Liz peeked at the chapter headings (Book 1 Bella, Book 2 Jacob and Book 3 Bella) where is Edward?? *Gasp* guess we better get reading!!


Lisa said...

Although, I totally DO NOT understand the craze... I DID find you and Liz some new duds here:

Heather said...

I missed out. Sure hope you had fun. My morning sickness will end someday. LOL