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Friday, August 29, 2008

Where did my baby go???

Landon has needed and haircut for some time now, and has been saying for a week "go get a haircut" so yesterday we headed to Cookie Cutters. Ayden cut his hair quite short last time and Ryan and I talked about cutting Landon's a bit shorter. I was hesitant at first saying, just this much, well maybe a little more, just this much more and within a blink of an eye my baby boy was gone and a cute little boy emerged. If you are wondering....yes I did shed a couple of tears. Landon just loves his first "big boy" haircut and the little faux hawk fits his personality just perfectly. What a big boy!!


Liz and Jake said...

Love Landons new haircut!! It is totally him. Love the faux hawk

BTW did you see all the bows...looks like I need to visit cookie cutters...just don't tell Jake!

Lisa said...

Sooo Cute! We went to Cookie Cutters for Fisch's first few haircuts and he screamed and cried the whole time!!!! (Well, not the first time, but he was only 10 months then). Anyway, he did that no matter where I took him, until my mom took him to Tresses (I think that's the name), he did fabulous and was so happy! No goobery hair covered boy to take home! Now that is the ONLT place I'll take him.
What was my point? Ummm, oh yeah... I LOVED cookie cutters and was really disappointed when Fisch didn't!

Heather said...

Landon looks like such a little man. Love their haircuts. Love ya, H