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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This has always been one of my very favorite songs. When I was 6 my brother Craig was born, he was premature and very sick. He spent weeks in the ICU at PCMC. My mom brought me home a little pick puppy (which I still have) that played "love me tender" so I would be reminded of how much she loved me while she was away at the hospital with baby Craig. My brother Craig is now 30, healthy as a horse, has a wonderful wife; Natalie, 2 amazing and beautiful daughters; Taylor 8 and Brenna 3. I wound the music box it to hear the song so many times that it no longer works, but it did it's job and brought me so much comfort throughout my childhood. This is such a tender song and David did an amazing job..Elvis would be proud!!!


Heather said...

This is my song with my cute Gramps. I even bought him the illustrated book with cd a few years back. It is the best song. P.S. I can't figure out how to silence your music so I can listen to just one song.

The Cundick 5 said...

Make sure to press pause (II) on my music player before you listen to videos!!