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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thanks honey...

Even though Ryan and I were miles apart yesterday for our anniversary, he still managed to spoil me. At about 10:30 AM there was a knock at the door.....when I opened it I was greeted with a huge bouquet of beautiful red roses. It was the most beautiful rose bouquet I have ever seen. Then comes the best about 1 PM there was another knock at the door....when I opened it my cute neighbor Kathy was there holding a red bag she said "Happy Anniversary" and held out the bag to me. I was a little confused at why she would know it was my anniversary or bring me something and then she began to explain. Ryan had gone shopping and arrange for her to bring it over to me! She also brought a card and a pink rose from her and Bruce wishing us a Happy Anniversary. I was stunned and brought the sack inside and found 2 boxes and with the help of my 3 boys we opened them and I found 3 shirts and a linen outfit! I was stunned that my cute husband had done this and where did he get the time ( I think he had a special helper). Thank you honey for making my day so special.

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