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Friday, May 23, 2008

Howl at the moon AooOoOOoooOoOo!

For those of you that don't know, Ryan's favorite animal is a wolf and we are so excited to announce that we now have one in the family! Not the four legged kind that howls at the moon but the two legged kind that plays all kinds of sports, eats pizza, and enjoys scouts.....Jackson has earned his Wolf in cub scouts! With lots of help from his den leaders, grandpa Russ, grandma Adrienne *thank you* mom (I learned a lot) and dad, Jackson worked very hard to achieve this before he turned 9 in you can see he did it!! We are so proud of him! He was also asked to do a demonstration on Lacrosse at his pack meeting. He did such a great job and Lacrosse is now his favorite sport. We are truly blessed to have Jackson as our son. He is an outstanding young man and shows sportsmanship, compassion and respect in his ever day life. Way to go Jackson!!

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