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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My process to evolution...a new begining

So many of you might have noticed that I haven't blogged about my "weight" issue for 2 weeks...I have been a little preoccupied so I apologize. I have made a very important step...I joined The Sports Mall! I have committed to myself to go every morning at least 4 times a works for me because they offer childcare so I can take Landon and go while Jackson and Ayden are in school. I know you a thinking that school is going to be out in 20 days *CHEER* and what will I do then well, I have that covered....the boys will both take swimming and tennis in the morning so they will be busy and it won't change my plan to much! So far it has been great and I have enjoyed it, yes I said ENJOYED....even though I was a little enthusiastic and overdid it Tuesday *my legs are screaming at me* but you know what they say " no pain no gain" Whatever!! My sister in law Natalie is a member and has gone with me and it has been nice to have a workout partner. I am going to extend an invitation to you to join me at The Sports Mall...if your not a member and have been thinking about getting a membership somewhere.....The Sports Mall is great, they have tennis, swimming and all kinds of programs whether your 2 or 100. Ok, now for the news...I guess it could be worse..I haven't gained or lost in the past 2 weeks....just keep in mind that I haven't' made a conscious effort the past couple of weeks but there is always this week right??

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Heather said...

Your doing awesome!!!! I too love the sports mall. I will come a couple of times in the summer, but I love my water aerobics, and walking in early a.m. Love ya!! Heather