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Thursday, May 8, 2008

I am not a perfect mom...

I wish I was a prefect mom,
Like those ones that I see on tv
Prancing about in beautiful clothes
So perfect and carefree.
They have well behaved children
That never talk back
They have perfect bodies
And always have everything on track.
I am quite different from them
Oh no I am not the same
I stumble upon trouble
And have to pick which son to blame.
I yell and my house is sometimes in disarray
I have a food stain on my shirts
And dishes in the sink
My whole body aches and hurts.
However today I realized
That I don't have it so bad
It took my sweet 3 boys
To make me glad.
One " I love you", a wink
And a big smile was all it took
to realize I am me
I don't want to go by the book.
I am the best I can be everyday
I do sometimes lose my head
But nobody is perfect.
I am off to get my lovely boys to bed.

1 comment:

Heather said...

ok Psycho Lady!!! Maybe she should read her poems more. She got the ending right she isn't perfect that's for sure. Don't feel bad. What should have been taken as a big compliment in using the words we all could describe is now left us thinking yes the Sally has lost her head. Much love, Heather