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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Please Read me!!! re: Just for this morning

I received a rather "distasteful" e-mail this morning about the poem I posted yesterday. I received the poem in an e-mail and found it rather touching. The "author" sent me the following e-mail:

Just for this day. That is the title of the poem.
Remove it, or I will take legal action against you, you are breaking copyright law.
Sally Meyer

So rather than enjoying the poem I am left with a bad taste in my mouth. I am now left wondering if the author surfs the net looking for people quoting her poem and attacks them for doing so rather that smiling and thinking that she has touched someone. I have a very different impression of the poem now. Please comment of your thoughts, I would love to hear what you think and how you would react... I am removing the poem because now I no longer feel the same about her what I thought were touching words but I am including a link I found if you'd like to read it. I found it Interesting that on the link it states "Author Unknown" Hmmmmmm???


Liz and Jake said...

I love this poem! You are such an amazing mother and wife and friend! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!! Don't ever forget that!

Heather said...

The poem is beautiful!! After attending the funeral yesterday of my friend, who left four little kids. I thought the same thing just thank you for allowing me to raise my kids. I held the two year old and played in the nursery during the funeral and thought if she were here she would be in the nursery keeping him happy and quiet. We need to love every moment we never know how fast it can go. XOXOX love, Heather

Liz and Jake said...

Are you kidding me! Does she have nothing better to do with her time!?! I agree with you that she should be happy that you would like her poem enough to share it with's not like any of us thought that you wrote it or were taking credit for it! I hope she feels good about herself for being so unkind to you,and I am guessing many others!WHATEVER!